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For what feels like the first time this season, things have died down a bit with the Hawks news-wise. No injuries, no roster decisions, no turmoil-inducing losses, and just heading off on a roadtrip. Probably also helps calm things down now that the Bears are at least somewhat interesting, shifting attention (even if they’re not actually good). With two weeks on the road, a couple things to look for and watch.

-First, while no one on the main beat ever wants to say it, we haven’t shied from pointing out that some of the Hawks even-strength woes are a result of Jonathan Toews’s “struggles.” The Hawks are still a negative team overall at 5-on-5, which is a weird thing to say about them even at this point in the season. And then you realize the Hawks’ power play has been bailing them out at time and you nearly pass out.

Everything Else

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FACEOFF: 7:30pm Central
Texas Is The Reason: Defending Big D

Last time we saw the Stars, just earlier this month, they were starting to right the ship after a bit of stumble out of the gate. They had three straight victories (albeit all in OT/SO) and were looking to climb their way out of the basement of the Central division.

Well that hasn’t worked so much. They’re still in the basement but don’t let that fool you. They’ve got 26 points, which would actually tie them for second if they had the fortune of playing in the Metropolitan Division instead of the Central. It would also put them in the playoffs in the East as whole, instead of third to last as they are in the West. So it might be shit luck but they’re still going to need to get better if they want to play past 82 games this year.