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Game Time: 6:00PM CST
TV/Radio: CSN, NHLN (US), WGN-AM 720
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In years past, even for a mid January game, had both the Hawks and Capitals been carrying the two longest current winning streaks in the league (Caps at 7, Hawks at 4) there would be such a clamor over yet another POTENTIAL STANLEY CUP FINAL MATCHUP that it’d be deafening. But with the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild on an inexorable collision course for June, it seems that tonight’s game in DC is simply old news to most.

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I’m hesitant to do yet another post about the neanderthal way of thinking about hockey, because I feel that it would just add to the cacophony of idiocy we’ve already heard. And yet we can’t let it go away without addressing. I guess.

Here’s why people want some sort of “justice.” Because it was a name player. It was the Hawks’ best player. It was the Hawks’ most important player. It leaves a fan feeling raw. Why? Because no one else’s most important player went down like that last night. Or recently. Sidney Crosby takes hits all the time, he’s still playing. The Hawks had just lost Patrick Kane to a freak accident, basically. It feels unfair. You want to “set the world right” in some way after something that feels unfair.

Everything Else

From my editorial in last night’s Committed Indian.

I would really prefer it if this game I love being a fan of could like, go a whole week without embarrassing itself.

You’ve probably seen it by now, the travesty that took place last night in Boston. Hey Bruins, maybe you’d like to play a game in which a player doesn’t get taken off on a stretcher? Try it sometime.

The idiocy started when Brooks Orpik crushed Loui Eriksson with what looked to be a legal hit. As it always seems to these days, this caused Boston chapter thug Shawn Thornton to try and fight Orpik, which Orpik justifiably declined.

This is where the idiocy starts, and I’m sick of it. No player should feel like he has to fight after a clean check. There’s nothing wrong with it. But the amount of voices that will come out and blame Orpik for not following the bullshit “code” because he declined a fight is what keeps things like what followed a part of the game. And it shouldn’t be.