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They aren’t all going to be works of art.

The Hawks played a pretty good first period, clung to the ropes for the first half of the second, biffed a couple 5-on-3s (they determine the winner of the game according to Q, y’know), and then once again covered up and used the ropes in the 3rd to see it out. They’ll call it a good road game. We’ll call it getting some bounces and posts to go their way, correcting the ones that didn’t in the season’s first five weeks or so.

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oldschool at pyro

Game Time: 8:00PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN, WGN-AM 720
Downtown Cowtown: Flames Nation, Matchsticks and Gasoline

And so it begins, the annual rite of passage known as the Circus Trip. This year, the Hawks kick off the six game roadie in Calgary, to face a numbers-defying Calgary Flames team who already took a bonus point away from the Hawks last month on United Center ice.