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Some Announcements

Hola Amigos,
I know it’s been a while since we rapped at ya, but we have been knee deep in some shit over here at TCI-FFUD, Inc.

First off, our deepest condolences to Jay Zawaski and his entire family, as Jay’s sister Anne passed away at 36 due to complications from her ongoing battle with epilepsy last week. Jay has been an ardent supporter of every incarnation of this site, and our hearts go out to him. I have personally only met Jay once, last month at the Boers and Bernstein farewell show in Elk Grove, but in that one conversation, he went out of his way to tell me that his sister literally was too good  of an aunt to Jay’s young daughter, as she already bought all the good shit on his daughter’s Christmas list and left Jay twisting in the wind on Santa duty. It is quite clear that she will be deeply and profoundly missed.

The family has set up a fund at Rush to donate in Anne Zawaski’s honor towards epilepsy research if you are so inclined.

Secondly, while today’s interruption in service is unrelated, we are still in the process of moving this scrap heap of dick jokes over to its third domain name and masthead, soon to be reborn in full as Faxes From Uncle Dale. Because the comments will never not be the absolute bane of our existence, even with not having them for a year there were so many of them that it inflated the site’s master database to a size that is unwieldy and corruptable, and has been causing issues in the data migration. So congratulations everyone who had to get in a jab about how they hate what this site has become one last time before the comments were turned off permanently, you’re really sticking it to us right now.

All of that being said, we remain committed (pun sort of intended) to ushering in a new era wherein the name of this depraved hockey outpost isn’t something that needs to be rationalized or defended, but rather simply an inside-baseball joke that requires a lengthy explanation with little payoff as it always has. With the cultural environment being what it is now we want to leave nothing to chance, and for the very fact that the name and logo ever came across as a “Not Welcome” sign to any marginalized person looking to read more on a sport and a team they loved, we sincerely apologize once again.

The new site is going to have a much cleaner look, and we did listen to everyone over the years, as the mobile site is going to be an absolutely revelatory experience compared to its current state. So we appreciate everyone’s patience in the matter, and hope that you continue to give the finger to us and with us in this next step.