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Patrick Kane Under Investigation

According to a report from the ABC affiliate WKBW in Kane’s hometown of Buffalo, Patrick Kane is the subject of an investigation ” involving Chicago Blackhawks player and South Buffalo native Patrick Kane and a woman that began at a bar in Evans.”


At the Cup rally in June at Soldier Field, Kane literally¬†told the world that he was going to be up to no good again this summer, so this shouldn’t come as a shock. Additionally, anyone who actually believed that he’d cleaned up his act from the incidents with a Buffalo cabbie or the infamous day in Madison was only deluding himself. Yes, he brought his mother to Switzerland during the lockout (and there’s a very good reason it was his mother and not his father), but that’s looking more and more like a red herring these days.

Details around this current incident are vague at best, but word will get out soon enough. And Kane has done absolutely nothing in his past for anyone to presume any kind of innocence here. Even aside from all of the rumors and what people have seen out at bars here in town, it is provable that Patrick Kane is a fucking horrendous drunk with a history of assault and/or battery, and is an arrogant asshole who believes he is entitled to women and thinks it’s cute to wear it on a shirt.

Sadly, today is likely as much of a furor as is going to be made of anything, as John “Ozymandias” McDonough and Jay Blunk will descend on Buffalo and make this all go away. This will be Drew Doughty or Semyon Varlamov all over again, and those were able to be brushed aside even without the PR might of McDonough, who truly earned his salary with whatever evil genius it took to not get the incidents of the past year out in the public. And even then, a lot of those had to do with a player for whom there were good hockey reasons to trade anyway. There’s too much at stake now. Kane is carrying the heftiest cap hit in league history and is the first two-time cover athlete for EA’s NHL series. This will get bought and glossed over and forgotten because this is what rape culture and the entitlement of athletes are. So whether or not Kane is actually charged with anything is immaterial at this point. This is what kind of guy he is, and this is what he has made us all look like assholes cheering for.