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Our Vendor Scott Needs Your Help

As most of you know, or at least I hope you do otherwise I’m a pretty crappy business man (and I am), C.I. isn’t just a website. It’s also a gameday program I produce for every Hawks’ homegame that we sell online and outside the arena. In order to do the latter, I’ve had a team of vendors covering all four corners of the UC.

Our vendor Scott has been with me for seven of the eight years I’ve been doing this. If you’ve bought a program from Scott, you know it. Gregarious, outgoing, a bit weird and scary (which makes him perfect for us) and always there when he can be. He’s usually been outside Gate 2 on Madison.

A couple weeks ago, on his way to the United Center, Scott had a heart attack. He’s back home now, so he’s out of immediate danger, but it’s going to be a bit before he can work anywhere again, whether with us or his day job. And the bills are starting to pile up for him. And I’m hoping we can lend a hand.

Scott’s been my most loyal and dependable vendor, and he’s had his share of bad luck, including getting t-boned on his way to the UC on Opening Night, resulting in two broken ribs that he insisted on working through because as I said, he’s a bit weird and scary. So while his financial concerns are first and foremost, I’d also like to show that the world isn’t constantly shitting on your head in life (though it probably is).

Not asking for anything major from anyone. Just $5 or $10 bucks if you’ve got it lying around. All of it will go to help Scott with his medical bills and whatever else he’s got piling up. Just hit the button below, and thanks so much for your help. Scott would hate that I’m doing this as he’s a proud guy, but I’m the boss so he has no choice. I’ll have this page up for the next week, so join in if you can.