Game #69 – Blues vs. Hawks: Hedley Lamarr’s Nitwits, Halfwits, And Dimwits

The Blues’ Suddenly Plentiful System – It is truly a bewildering state when the Hawks can only bring up odd-shaped bowling balls like Dennis Gilbert or Matthew Highmore or pick off Nick Seeler from waivers and wait too long to try Lucas Carlsson, while the Blues keep unearthing a Robert Thomas or Zach Sanford or Ivan Barbashev or Vince Dunn. It was the Blues who used to bring up chucklehead after chucklehead. And now they get it. And the Hawks don’t. And we’re cold and alone.

Zach Sanford – Maybe the Hawks will try covering him this time around. Might be worth a shot.

John Hamm – Hey, someone has to say something bad about him. We’ll take the bullet. Handsome devil that he is.