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Flyera Q&A With Retired Rodeo Clown FGSB

We don’t know much about him. He’s just one of those creatures of the internet. We think he might used to have a blog about the Flyers, but if he did it’s only the roadmap to hit complete breakdown. Anyway, you can follow his descent into madness on Twitter @FlyGoalScoredBy.

It was actually a pretty quiet summer for the Flyers, who seem to have a plan? How are Flyers fans dealing with a rational and calculated front office for the first time?

We all are on a huge Hextall high.  We love the direction the team is headed in, albeit it a slower one than we are used to. Last year’s fun but brief playoff run was like playing with house money and this year is another one we approach with tempered expectations.  Our reward for this approach is a younger core, faster team and way more dynamic lines to enjoy.  The Flyers will Make Hockey Fun Again.™

Ivan Provorov, all that?

Crazy to think that at 19 a defensemen is “ready” for the NHL but there is simply no other place for him to go.  He dominated the WHL and would moonwalk all over the AHL.  I think he is already the best Flyers “defensemen” (is that a good thing or a very bad thing?) The first two games he hasn’t looked out of place that much and tonight’s tilt against the Hawks will be a great test against another talented group of forwards. Provolone’s game is complete and I love him already.

 Jakub Voracek cashed in after a binging on assists two years ago, which isn’t totally in his control. He returned to the 55-point level last year which is basically where he’s been his entire career. We here in this town know just how small the margin for error is on contracts in the cap era. Are the Flyers going to really regret this deal soon?

I want to say “hell no we know what we’re doing!” but I fear they will. Thankfully Jake works hard, plays a big game and is certainly a leader on the team.  Playing alongside of Sean Coutoutoueotuier and Travis “K’Nex” Konecny will be a godsend for Voracek.  I expect a bounce back season but overall I’m hesitant to call that contract a “win” for Philly.

What are the expectations for the Flyers this year?

Stanley Cup, duh.