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A Floater Left With Pleasure In The Executive Washroom – Wild 4, Hawks 1

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War on Ice

It is a very real possibility that the Hawks are going to go the final two months of the season without a win against a Western Conference playoff team, pending the outcome of next Thursday’s home tilt with the Blues, when the outcome could be moot anyway. And yet it’s high treason when it is suggested that this team might not be built for two months straight of Western Conference opponents. Kiss a sick monkey’s wet ass.

Time to pass the fuck-you’s around.


  • Duncan Keith’s history of retaliatory redassery earns him zero benefit of the doubt with regard to his stick swinging at Charlie Coyle. There’s plausible deniability here, but it’s not likely to be believed. Duncan Keith will be sitting for a bit.
  • With Bottomless Pete out of the lineup with salmonella from Jack In The Box tacos to begin with, an already threadbare defensive corps was left out in the wind and they did not disappoint with boners abound. ¬†Rozsival cannot step up on a play at the blue line when his partner Viktor Muresan is just waiting to be walked around. Christian Ehrhoff got entirely too deep on what would be the deciding goal, and Teflon Van Riemsdyk had a very nice view of the obligatory Erik Haula marker.
  • This is the second game in a row where Teuvo’s indifferent backchecking has led to a goal against.
  • Way to right a wrong from the previous game against the Wild, Andrew Shaw. Bravo.
  • But hey, at least Marcus Kruger has been the magic potion the penalty kill has needed.
  • The Hawks get nothing at even strength because their top line is too slow as presently constituted. Ladd, Toews, and Hossa need to be broken up.
  • If Corey Crawford is in fact concussed as all indications suggest and Duncan Keith is suspended going into the playoffs as a repeat offender, this team is even more screwed than it probably already was before.
  • And as a topper, this piece of shit Organ-I-Zation very quietly just reinstated aspiring sociopath Garret Ross in the wake of a loss at 10PM. Cardinal McDonough at work.