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This Is The Best We Can Do: Rangers 0 – Hawks 0 (Rangers Win Musical Chairs)

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So let’s burn a couple things off the top here. After watching these things for a while now, 3-on-3 OT is just as much of a gimmick as the shootout so we’re just going to list them as a tie with the joke qualifier from now on. At least I will.

Second, any point gained where the Hawks are missing their top center, a top-4 defenseman, and their starting goalie should be viewed as a point gained. It feels like a certainty we’ll look back on these in a couple months and marvel that the season didn’t get away from them.

That said, the Hawks faced a team also missing their top center, a very productive winger, a wiener tucker, and going with their backup, though he’s played better than the most handsome man in the world, and couldn’t pull off two points. It feels like opportunity lost. Will it matter in the end? Probably not.

Let’s clean it up:

The Two Obs

-The discussion of the night is of course going to be the offside call that ruled out Hossa’s goal. At the time I thought Hartman was inside the zone while controlling the puck on the other side of the line. Once he passes it, he’s simply offside, and he admitted as much. Maybe Hossa was in the zone even before that, but it’s the right call as much as it might suck. One of these will go the Hawks way. Oh right, it already did in last year’s playoffs.

-Did Antti Raanta play a game like that for the Hawks ever? If he did I don’t remember it.

-That said, Darling has never been better either.

-Duncan Keith drew a 35% possession share against one of the worst possession teams in the league. But keep telling me Eddie about how he’s Norris worthy again.

-To add to that, the Hawks got outshot by a team that outshoots no one that was as shorthanded as they were that also played in Winnipeg last night.

-At the end of the 3rd, TVR actually muscled off a forward in the corner from the puck. You’ll say you were there.

-Garbage Dick was certainly the recipient of a bad hit from Nick Holden in the 2nd. That doesn’t mean he can spear the next guy he finds, and he’s lucky that his aim was bad enough for it to be reduced to a high-stick and only two minutes. He easily could have been walking.

-With Kruger, and running up against the Rangers’ top line all night, Hossa-Kruger-Hartman ran up a +60% Corsi tonight.

-This game was probably the most open we’ve seen this year. Some of that is just how fast both of these teams are, even with what they were missing. Some of that is also due to how limited either are, especially when Quenneville chooses not to dress his best d-man on the year. Neither of these teams could limit each other, so you get this. It’s not really out of quality, but it was damn entertaining.

-Something named Oscar Lindberg has 7 SOG tonight.

Grab the points you can until you’re full strength.