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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is – Blackhawks 4, Coyotes 0

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Natural Stat Trick

This game was so exciting I decided to write poetry to pass the time. Here’s a haiku I wrote:

His mouth agape,

TVR over skates the puck;

Another shot against

In a game where the Coyotes could barely hold puck for more than three seconds and only mustered 22 shots on net, Trevor Van Riemsdyk was a defensive worst -8 Corsi in 5 on 5 play and -4 in all situations. Against (by far) the worst team in the league, he made the Hawks actively worse by being on the ice.

Perhaps if the broadcast booth (and by extension Ozymanidas) didn’t decide to use this game as proof that TVR is, in fact actually, good; perhaps then we could’ve started somewhere else. Alas, it appears this narrative will not go away until TVR is a Golden Desert Knight. Thank goodness the mute button still works on McClure’s remote.

Other things…

–It took 8 years but we’re finally getting a season where Marian Hossa’s shooting percentage is extreme in the positive direction. Maybe I’m misremembering but I feel like we’ve spent the majority of his contract trying to calm the masses that his shooting percentage will correct before the season is over.

Finally it’s going the other direction where it seems like every other shot is finding the back of the net. So while his off-season workout regiment probably does make a slight difference, luck is also playing a part.

Take his first goal tonight for instance. Hossa’s shot basically rolled up Mike Smith’s shoulder and fell behind him for the Hawks second goal. As opposed to previous seasons where Hossa’s shot would get smothered by the goalie or stopped by some invisible forcefield or whatever else.

This version is much more fun.

–It’s hard to have any big takeaways from this game because holy crap, the Coyotes are horrendously pathetic. But at the very least, a second line of Kruger, Hossa and Hartman seems to create a formidable top 6 for the time being while Toews remains out. The Rangers will be a stiffer test so that will be one thing to watch during that game.

–Dr. Rasmussen had a breakaway from center ice in a NHL game.

–The Hawks put a new wrinkle in their power play tonight and it immediately paid off. Instead of Keith floating in the middle, they took Panarin off the wall and got him moving around the slot. This caused the Coyotes defenders to collapse on top of each other and also opened up more room in front of the net.

What happened next?

Kane got the puck at the half wall. With Panarin attracting two Coyote defenders, it left Anisimov alone in front to battle for position and it was a total mismatch as he boxed out Luke Schenn rather easily. Kane hit his stick and the Hawks had their first power play goal in a long while.

–I think that’s all I have to say about this. The Rangers are next. Hopefully, it won’t be nearly as depressing.