Sam Fels (@FelsGate) – Editor, Writer, Maven

Sam Fels gets up around whenever. He used to get up on time. You can reach him at committedindian@gmail.com

Matt McClure (@Matt_McClure_)

Matt McClure is the managing editor for this fair website, Faxes From Uncle Dale. A graduate of Bradley University and its storied D-II club ice hockey program and an IT director by trade, he can be reached at matthew.m.mcclure@gmail.com for any questions or concerns regarding the functionality of this site.

John Pullega (@JRPullega) 

“I don’t know where we dug @jrpullega up from but at this point he frightens me.” -Sam Fels

“Fucking try-hard.” -Rose Rankin

“He makes me feel bad. Boycott Pullega.” -Adam Hess

Rose Rankin (@rose_rankin)

Rose Rankin enjoys criticizing the Blackhawks, despite never having played a hockey game in her life (or coaching one or being a GM or doing anything to validate said criticism). She remains on staff at Faxes From Uncle Dale despite being an avid Phish fan and avid wrestling hater. She lives way the hell out in the Chicago suburbs; we’re not quite sure where or why.

Adam Hess – (@_adamhess)

He’s not working on this part. Don’t know when we’ll be back with this.

Air Traffic AJ (@AirTrafficAJ)

AJ has been reading what this site has been putting out since Sam was standing in the snow outside the United Center selling programs. Now he gets to watch the White Sox multiple times a week and write about it, so pray for his sanity. In his spare time he works as an air traffic controller, reads a ton of comics and watches professional wrestling.

Wes French (@WFrenchman)

We only just discovered him. We’re not sure if we’re going to throw him back yet.

Tony Martin

Brian Schmitz (@_BrianSchmitz)