Game #16 – Hawks vs. Penguins: Lineups & How They Were Built


Notes: Interesting calls today, as both Boqvist and Dach will sit. At first it seems like something we should get volcanic over, but then again it’s two teenagers who would struggle to get all 82 games anyway. They’re the only reasons to watch of course, and doing it at the same time is a little weird, but it’s probably not worth wetting one’s shorts over…Kampf and Carpenter have dovetailed as we suspected they might. Now if they can just be slotted into a fourth/checking line role to get Dach better linemates, we’ll really have something…Big one for Maatta as he returns to Pittsburgh…Strome and Kane each had three points but at even-strength this line still gets absolutely murdered. It’s not a long-term solution…Crawford gets to double up on his efforts Thursday with Lehner ready for another firing squad tomorrow against Toronna.


Notes: Geno just returned this week after being hurt in the second game of the season. He has three points in three games since…McCann has four points in his last four games…Tanev has been a possession monster, but he was that in Winnipeg too so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. That fourth line has really opened up things for the Pens, given how well they’ve done with the dungeon starts they’re getting…Marino has been something of a surprise filling in for Letang…Jack Johnson? Useful? Can’t be…

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